Potted Electric Bike Batteries Are Catching On

With the best way lithium-ion battery fires have acquired media consideration, various producers have taken steps to bolster client confidence that their merchandise are protected for charging and storing within the dwelling. Up to now, each lithium-ion battery fireplace we’ve been capable of monitor was brought on by an e-scooter, e-moped or different e-mobility machine—not an e-bike, however that hasn’t prevented e-bikes to be blamed for these fires.

Producers are taking a wide range of steps to reassure customers that their merchandise are protected. We’ve seen how most producers have sought certification from Underwriter Laboratories (2849 and/or 2271) or the European customary EN15194. Some producers have begun to take further steps and a expertise that’s beginning to catch on is the observe of encasing the cells that make up a battery with a heat-absorbing resin. These batteries are referred to as “potted.”

When a battery is potted, the cells are assembled within the configuration throughout the battery housing. The gathering of cells is then positioned in a mildew and the resin, in a scorching, liquified kind, is poured between the cells. When the resin cools, it hardens, insulating the cells.

The resin insulates the cells in a number of methods. First, the resin can take in and dissipate warmth, so if one cell begins to overheat, the resin can stop it from changing into scorching sufficient to achieve thermal runaway—the purpose at which a cell is scorching sufficient {that a} chemical response throughout the cell turns into self-sustaining. The resin additionally insulates the cells from contamination and corrosion. The salt air of coastal areas may cause corrosion. And may water, whether or not salt or contemporary, penetrate the battery casing, it received’t be capable of attain the cells. Lastly, potting a battery supplies a level of influence safety in case somebody falls, drops the battery or it’s struck by one thing.

We’ve already seen Rad Energy Bikes introduce their new Secure Defend batteries. We anticipate that as they proceed to launch new variations of their present fashions they are going to replace them with their Secure Defend batteries.

Pedego just lately introduced three new fashions which can be spec’d with potted batteries.

Different firms not as well-known, together with Luna Cycles and Grin Applied sciences had been early adopters of potting.

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