E-Bike Catches Fire at London Train Station

Right here at Electrical Bike Report now we have investigated quite a lot of information studies which have attributed lithium-ion battery fires to e-bikes when, in truth, the units in query had been e-mobility units of different varieties, not e-bikes. We consider that incorrectly blaming e-bikes for fires brought on by different units creates a skewed impression concerning the security of e-bikes.

We now have an obligation to report when an e-bike’s battery is the supply of the hearth, and that is one event the place we are able to verify that the supply was an e-bike.

Information studies are skinny, however a number of accounts state that the proprietor had bought from a web-based market, not from the producer. There’s nothing inherently incorrect with buying an e-bike from a web-based market, however his alternative leaves open a number of prospects that we warning our viewers towards.

First, had he bought the e-bike immediately from the producer, studies wouldn’t state an “on-line market.” Second, in buying by way of a web-based market he could have bought a used e-bike or one which had a refurbished battery, a observe we usually advise towards. Third, a few of these on-line marketplaces that promote new e-bikes are carrying ultra-low-cost e-bikes we contemplate substandard and select to not evaluation.

There isn’t sufficient data obtainable to say whether or not the e-bike in query was used, had a refurbished battery or got here from a model making low-cost e-bikes, however the purchaser didn’t go the route of buying from a good direct-to-consumer model.

The video presents an excellent portrait of what occurs when a lithium-ion battery turns into compromised. As the primary cell or cells heats up as a consequence of thermal runaway, smoke begins to flee the battery casing. After being ejected from the e-bike, there are a sequence of explosions brought on by particular person cells bursting and catching fireplace. As further cells turn out to be compromised, they fly round like so many popcorn kernels.

Whereas it’s scary watching, it gives an training in the way it’s essential to cost and retailer an e-bike away from something flammable; the concrete and brick development of the prepare platform made a major distinction in stopping the hearth from spreading and inflicting further harm.

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